The Living Universe...

"It pervades every aspect of Freelancer`s gameplay, from the distant swirling nebulae that grow larger & more detailed as you travel closer to them, to a random mission engine that gives each of the 1,200 or so NPC`s in the game their own stories, prejudices & desires that shape their interactions with you, the player."
Computer Game World Magazine - October 2002

"Whatís nice about Freelancer is that youíll often feel like youíre part of something much bigger... everything you do has an adverse affect on something else. Want to help the police? Say goodbye to those job openings with the pirates. You can get back in good with the enemies that you make but youíll have to some major bribing. Itís a very unique system that makes you think twice about the direction that you want to take in the game."
Gaming Nexus - January 2003

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